About Us

Our mission

Super Organics was founded in 2016 to deliver affordable high quality herbal supplements to those who need them most. We are proud to have shipped over 100,000 orders to thousands of customers across the United States. With the passing of the Farm Bill at the end of 2018, the CBD boom is now full speed ahead. Super Organics remains steadfast in its commitment to its customers and offers CBD products in full compliance with federal laws and Florida state regulations.

What is CBD?

CBD is the layman’s term for Cannabidiol, the second most well-known constituent of the Cannabis plant. Its more popular counterpart, THC, is responsible for the notorious intoxicating effects that stigmatize Cannabis use. Recent research has lead to the discovery of a wide range of benefits that CBD can provide without the psychoactive effects that THC produces. Just to be clear – CBD does not get you high. CBD may be beneficial in relieving occasional discomfort, enhancing relaxation, promoting restful sleep and more. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of CBD we strongly encourage you to do further research. There is an ever expanding field of scientific research dedicated to exploring the exciting potential of CBD derived from the hemp plant.

What is hemp?

Cannabis plants can be simplified by thinking of them as two different families of plants. The first is Marijuana which is well known for providing the intoxicating high that was the subject of the Reefer Madness cult classic film of the 1930s. The second is Hemp. Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis plant that is very, very low in THC. It is a great plant with many uses, traditionally grown for its seeds (hemp seed oil) and fibers (textiles). Even though hemp does not have much THC, it is rich in CBD which is why it’s become very popular.

The hemp industry is thriving thanks to the legislation passed in 2014 and 2018. Industrial hemp is defined as hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC. Several states have established regulations that permit their farmers to grow industrial hemp. As the CBD boom expands and the popularity of CBD grows, this industrial hemp is being extracted to create CBD products like the ones that you will find for sale on this website. Our CBD products are produced using hemp plants that are grown in Oregon.